About Us

Garden Court Theatre History…


  • Our short-term goals include creating original pieces that will sustain a year’s worth of shows with a time frame from anything from a week to a month long run. We hope to create a platform for young aspiringartists to bring life to their stories in a supported and financially accessible space.
  • In this we hope to live up to its former legacy of being part of groundbreaking or rather revolutionary theatre.
  • Our main aim is to turn The Garden Court Theatre into a trusted institution, helping in setting the bar for quality, independent, experimental and brave storytelling. Far too often we find art subsidies to be the anomaly when it comes to any sector- or governmental support for that matter and we aim to not only put the spotlight back onto this much neglected industry, but also to help create sustainable forms of entrepreneurial productions.
  • Part of our aim is to facilitate entrepreneurial endeavors, arming artists with the necessary business skills, which will help to cultivate a sense of adequacy and relevance for future generation storytellers.
  • The practicality of this lovely ideal, rests in the investment, co-operation and commitment of Corporate Social South Africa.

CSI Division:

  • Under the banner of Dreamerschild Productions we plan to facilitate schools programmes targeting under privileged areas in creating weekend workshops including Dance, Drama and Acting classes by industry professionals.
  • A similar programme was established by the Late Taliep Petersen, David Kramer and Brian Slingers in conjuction with Volkwagen in the late 90’s. As a child growing up in Bonteheuwel, this programme played a pivotal role in my development as an artist and cultivated many well known local artist i.e Kim Engelbrecht, Jolene Martins, Jazz Pianist Andre Martins, Galatia..to name but a few. These programmes will be offered to learners over a 3 month period, on weekends and culminate in a final production.
  • Reinstating these sorts of programmes has become an even bigger within our communities.
  • 1% of all the theatre revenue will go straight into funding for Dreamerschild projects.

Dreamerschild the Non Profit Organisation exists to support Dreamerschild Production initiatives.

1 % of all profits are used to achieve the following objectives

Garden Court Theater(a)    The organisation’s main objectives are to:

  • To Preserve South African Arts Heritage
  • To increase audience and their affinity to the ARTS
  • To transform the demographic face of the ART sector
  • To create a safe , fun and supportive environment for our young people to experience the ARTS

(b)   The organisation’s secondary objectives will be to:

  • To implement programmes using different ART mediums to produce local original pieces.
  • To do motivational talks at schools with established artists
  • To create an ARTS Township in City (the Big Stage) experience