Garden Court Theatre Cape Town

“An intimate theatre, routed in history, that has played host to many great stars over the years”

The Garden Court Theatre was established in the 1970’. First as an exclusive club called Samantha’s which saw a very successful lifespan in the early 1980’s. It then became a very sought after boutique theatre and saw many an artist, come revolutionary, perform art that was often considered proactive for its time. It fast became an underground hot spot.

When or why business ended for this gem of a spot is still unknown, but early in 2012 it became part of a cluster of theatres servicing the popular Suidooster festival. It was during this very festival that we realized its potential and became eager to resuscitate a history not unknown to many. And that is exactly what we did. We met with a very keen hotel management and first signed an initial 6 month long lease in December 2014, which fast became a yearlong lease.