My Wonderyears Synopsis


My Wonderyears Synopsis

My Wonderyears is a musical adventure showcasing the life and times of Loukmaan Adams, growing up in Cape Town during an era that cultivated a specific kind of artist. An artist that would bear the quintessential 80's branding with influence stemming from childhood made up games like peagits, Friday nights A-team, koesiesters on a Sunday morning , sports at Athlone Stadium, marches, war cries and variety shows and all the way through to the wonderfully blurry lines that exists between tradition, culture and ritual. It captures the rich backdrop of a boy becoming a man at a time marked by revolution, movement and music! The stories of his childhood stardom is also told from the, oftentimes unseen, perspectives of his parents who normally reserve the backseats when it comes to being in the spotlight. This time around, its the mom and dad who share centre stage with him and comedy at its best seeing him play his parents.

My Wonderyears, the name of a popular 90's teenage tv series, is reminiscent of not only impressionable teenage years, but also of a decade competing for its own place and identity, following suite the glory years of the 70's and 80's music scenes whilst showcasing some of our more popular contemporary songs.The show conjures up feelings of excitement, exploration, nostalgia and in retrospect, even the lighthearted awkwardness accompanied with growing up. It is the story of his trials, his tribulations and of the wonder years that would set the scene and lead him to the Here and Now. An introducing the theatre debut of Caleb Rodgers and Ryan Jones as the young Loukmaan Adams.

Its funny. Its honest! Its brave. It uncovers! It discovers the true voice of one of our most loved sons of Cape Town. Backed by the an exciting upcoming band, Back Line, led by Nathan Carolus!

Written by Loukmaan Adams and Kim Cloete

Musical direction by Loukmaan Adams and Nathan Carolus

Directed by Kim Cloete

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20 December 2016 My Wonderyears Show 15h00
27 December 2016 My Wonderyears Show 15h00